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Grampians Peaks Trail

Why we love this trip!

  • No need to bring your map or compass on this fully guided trek. You can simply enjoy your walk and the stunning surroundings. This trek is the perfect introduction to multi-day trekking, none of the risk and a great stepping stone to solo multi-day treks
  • Plenty of time to explore or relax in the afternoon when you arrive at camp, as your tent is set up and your meals are prepared for you
  • Support regional businesses as all our delicious meals and wines are locally sourced
  • Experience campsites that have an environmentally friendly focus that aim to reduce the impact of trekkers on flora and fauna
  • Take some time to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend time in nature trekking through the stunning Australian Bush
  • The perfect private trip for you and your friends if you would prefer not to travel with other people


The Grampians Peaks Trail is open. This trek is a taste of the full 13-day trek. We will cover 4 days of the northern section back to Halls Gap, providing us with incredible views and landscapes of the Grampians National park.

This is a fully guided and supported trek and is a perfect combination of nature, walking and great food.

Who is this trip for?

If you love multi-day treks that have some demanding sections.

If you love supporting local businesses.

If you love camping out in nature but don't like to set up camp or cook meals.

If you love trekking through rugged Australian landscapes.

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As part of our risk mitigation plan, all domestic Australian group sizes have been capped at 8 guests, and New Zealand at 10.  

If you'd prefer a private group with family or friends, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss


Just imagine sitting at your camp, miles from civilisation, in an ancient landscape watching the milky way explode to life above you and not having a care in the world. Your tents are set up, your dinner is made for you and even a bottle of local wine has just been opened. Your friends are laughing and reminiscing about the day's trek and the wonderful landscapes you have just experienced. Could life be any better?

Rising out of the flat landscape of Western Victoria, the ancient Grampians mountain range extends for 160 km north to south, creating a series of dramatic escarpments that reach heights of over 1100 meters. This is your home for 4 days and 3 nights.

Parks Victoria has developed a 13-day hike through this incredible country which has just opened. Our 4-day 3-night trek will give you a taste of this extended journey through the Grampians National Park. 

All you need to do is get yourself to the Grampians and we will take care of all the rest!


Day 1 Thursday: Halls Gap to Barigar Camp (L, D) 
Day 2 Friday: Barigar Hiker Camp to Gar (B, L, D) 
Day 3 Saturday: Gar to Werdug Camp (B,L,D) 
Day 4 Sunday: Werdug to Halls Gap. (B)

Please note itinerary and night stays may change without notice due to availability of accommodation.


Day 1: Halls Gap to start of Grampians Peaks Trail. Hike to Barigar campsite.

We will meet at the Hiker Hub in Halls Gap for a briefing and gear check before a transfer to the beginning of the Grampians Peaks Trail at Mount Zero picnic area. The heart rate will rise quickly as we ascend ‘Flat Rock’ and then again when we get to the top and get our first world-class viewpoint – just 10 minutes in!

We’ll descend and navigate our way through the Stapylton Amphitheatre before skirting our way around and up Mount Stapylton itself. For the footsure and brave, there is a short scramble to the summit to gain 360-degree views and a sneak peek of the next day’s walk in the distance.

After a fresh trail lunch, we’ll head southwards along the mostly high ground before descending into a valley and reaching Barigar Hiker Camp. After settling in we can take a short side trip to visit the camp’s namesake Barigar Falls. This is a 12.9km day with 440 meters up and 460 meters down. (L, D)

Day 2: Barigar to Gar.

We’ll begin our day with a hearty breakfast and then depart camp. Our first steps take us along the base of the Rock Wall, an impressive several km long escarpment hidden away in a valley. As the cliff line reduces, we begin to ascend its ridge to cross over into Roses Gap.

As we begin to ascend the lower slopes of Gar (Mount Difficult) we will find and begin to follow a small, unsuspecting watercourse – seasonal and rainfall dependent. Over the next few km, we will witness this watercourse cascading over a series of drops each one more spectacular than the last.

After we gain the top of the last waterfall, we’ll head towards the ‘Pacific Ocean Wall’, a cliff ‘as big as the pacific ocean’, ascend its flank via a superbly built stone stairway and continue climbing up to Briggs Bluff. With most of the ascent completed, from here we can traverse our way along the high ground before arriving at Gar Hiker Camp and its breathtaking views. Another 12.9 km day with 615 meters up and 113 meters down. (B, L, D)

Day 3: Gar to Werdug Camp.

An early start this morning as we head up to the summit of Gar for a sunrise like no other. We’ll then return to camp for breakfast and then depart on the day’s journey.

We will sharply descend the eastern slopes of Gar, cross the northern end of the Werdug (Wartook) Basin and gain the ridge of the eastern flank of the Mount Difficult massif. Continuing south along this high ground we will eventually reach Werdug Hiker Camp with stunning views overlooking Lake Wartook and a clear line of sight all the way back to the top of Gar where we stood that morning. 14 km day with 521 meters up and 462 meters down. (B,L,D)

Day 4: Werdug Camp to Halls Gap

Our last day on the trail (for this expedition!) will continue along the eastern flank of Mount Difficult and slowly tip over and descend towards the town of Halls Gap. For one last hoorah we’ll head out to the end of Chautauqua Peak before finishing our descent all the way into Halls Gap. We’ll head back to the Grampians Peaks Walking Co. Hiker HUB where we can shower, collect our gear and celebrate with lunch and a local craft beer at the conveniently adjoining brewery. 13 km day with 33 meters up and 587 meters down. (B)


  • Four days guided trek with an experienced guide
  • Three nights camping along the Grampians Peaks Trail
  • Meals outlined in the Itinerary (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)


  • Personal equipment (sleeping bag and mattress) (bag, mattress and backpacks available to hire)
  • Lunch at the brewery on last day
  • Breakfast on the first day
  • Transport to and from the Grampians